Mario Lett is a nationally registered sign language interpreter for the Deaf and has been one for 13 years. In addition he is a graduate of award-winning entertainment school Full Sail University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business. Learning the skills of Artist Management, he is equipped to train artists with what it takes to make their art a profession. Training in the discipline of West Coast Swing Dancing, he started his art business teaching numerous dance styles. From children to adults and seniors Mario’s dance classes have always been commended on how much fun they are! Loving art, Mario voluntarily trained in American Sign Language back in 2004. Loving this new language, he continued training under professional interpreters and was hired into the field as a Sign Language Interpreter at the age of 17 years old! With extensive training in the medical field and education, Mario found himself interpreting higher education and medical cases for the Deaf. With his most recent move to Augusta, GA Mario desires to see a community enriched in language, culture and art!